Three gaming friends bored out of their minds.

Our names are Saki, CoolWhip and Lite, and we're gonna play some video games! ;D

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Our new series! :D

We hope you enjoy it.

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Sometimes I think these videos do us no justice.

It just shows how crazy and dumb we are. 

We decided we aren’t doing episodes on Brick Force for a while.

We want to make room and time for other series. (:

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Saki: SakiForU

Lite: Adalite

CoolWhip: LeCoolWhip

Brick Force:

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Does anyone else notice how every time a Nunu joins a match in League of Legends they have a obscene name? 

When you have that one person on your team in League of Legends that calls everyone else a noob because you’re losing at that moment. 

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CoolWhip just never gets a break in these melee matches…

Sorry for the lag. The game seemed to be having issues today.

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Hey! We warned you! :P

Turn down that volume, haha!

So we were asked to do a Slender video…
And completely failed. We didn’t know your flashlight could run out of battery.
So the light became really dim and we couldn’t see a thing.
Result: We died and screamed like little b****es. 
We’ll give it another go and try to get all 8 pages. 
Download it yourself and give it ago. Link below!


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I don’t really know what to say about this video…

Just watch for yourself. It can only be self explanatory.. 

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Episode 3 of our first series! 

Everyone seems to be enjoying the videos so far!

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What do you think about us doing a Slender video?

Let us know what you think! 

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